Take control of the situation

25 03 2011

           Often times we find ourselves in the midst of a struggle between communication & respect. In relationships, this is usually the point of when to decide whether to stay together or to move on. CONTROL is the dominating force in any relationship, DO NOT let anybody fool you. Have you ever been involved and then you found yourself being neglected and putting forth all of the effort and just confused? Yep well it happens to the best of us…even the PLAYA’S! In the beginning everything is good and you always talking to your new boo & your missing in action from the social scene because its a new thing and you have that excitement….

WELL…you will quickly find that it ends quickly. You begin realizing that now your making all of the phone calls and the ratio of calls to PICK UP is getting smaller and smaller. Then the texts messages become more & more vague & far in betweenas time goes by causing you to get angry. Anger turns into angry rants on your twitter, your facebook and on texts messages and you just become depressed. You keep telling yourself I dont need him/her and asking yourself why you feel that way. You feel like you want the feeling back, the puppy love feeling. You want that communication back, you want to feel like a priority and no longer a choice. The solution is to TAKE BACK CONTROL! In order to do so you must set your emotions down in a corner and go on about your business. In other words, forget that person exists! It works every time. For a period of 3 days you should cease all initiating contact with your estranged “boo” and keep responses to a minimum. That will send them into a frenzy! You will be bombarded with questions like “whats wrong” “why havent i heard from you” “where you at” “why didnt you pick up my call”!!! Then you have the ball in your court…i guarantee this works everytime. Sadly, if you have to resort to this method chances are the relationship wont last because you will find yourself feeling like they did (being suffocated by texts & calls). Therefore, I will conclude by saying….healthy relationships balance out the control & communication. Let nature take its course and do not rush feelings or expose your emotions. Emotions make you susceptible to manipulation.




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